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Katie Hammel

Writer and editor

I am an experienced editor, travel writer, and content marketer skilled in social media, managing a team of writers, creating community/marketing initiatives, and developing business partnerships.

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Berlin: 7 Things You Should Know About the Ever-Changing City ...

Berlin is a city on the move, constantly morphing, always becoming something new. So go now, right now. And when you do, keep in mind these seven tips to help you understand the incredible, living, breathing, ever-changing city of Berlin.

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10 Reasons to Visit Iceland Now | BootsnAll

Iceland may seem like just a dot on the map in the middle of the North Atlantic, but this remote island country packs a big punch, in the way of abundant natural wonders, delicious food, and delightful locals. Katie Hammel explains why now is the perfect time to visit Iceland.

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8 Things Every Visitor Should Know About Prague Now | BootsnAll

Prague ticks off every box on the European

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18 Travel Resolutions to Keep This Year | BootsnAll

We hope 2012 brings you more amazing indie travel experiences, and to help you make travel a priority in your life this year, we've put together a list of travel-related resolutions that you can actually keep.

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Drink Your Way Around Portugal | BootsnAll

Portugal seems to get lost in the shuffle, a side trip on the Iberian Peninsula, a long strip of land between Spain and the sea. But that's about to change. Not only is Portugal one of the most affordable wine-tasting destinations in Western Europe, but in addition to producing an incredibly diverse array of quality wines, the country also offers enough other specialty drinks to keep your liver working overtime for weeks.

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Eat (and Drink) Your Way Around Nova Scotia | BootsnAll

Local, sustainable, and organic are terms that get tossed around a lot in the culinary world these days, but in few places does this emphasis seem to be so pervasive than in Nova Scotia, Canada. If you're an adventurous foodie out to discover the best of what Nova Scotia has to offer, don't miss these top spots.

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How I Travel: Anthony Bourdain | BootsnAll

Any traveler who lives to eat or foodie who loves to travel knows Anthony Bourdain - an opinionated former-chef with a penchant for pork who delivers delicious doses of snark in every episode of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations. This week, he gave How I Travel a little piece of his mind...and we happily ate it up.

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Iceland's Natural Wonders in Photos | BootsnAll

Iceland is one of those places where the city is best kept for a quick visit, and the highlights are spread around the country. Katie Hammel takes us on a tour if some of the amazing things you'll find there.

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Million Dollar Views for Less: Four Ways to Visit Switzerland on a ...

When you think of Switzerland a few things might come to mind, including the high cost of visiting. Switzerland is certainly not a cheap destination, but don't cross it of your list just yet. Here are a few ways to check out the country's

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Trading Snow for Sun: Why You Should Visit a Ski Town in Summer ...

While ski resort towns become hot destinations during winter, they tend to be forgotten about by most travelers come summer. But here's a little secret: ski resorts don't lose their luster when the snow melts. In fact, for non-skiers, they become even better during warmer months.

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Traveler Postcard – Katie in Monterey, California | BootsnAll

In BootsnAll's new series, Traveler Postcards, we profile a real trip - highlighting the best of a destination as seen by a particular person on a particular trip. This week, BootsnAll editor Katie Hammel shares stories from a weekend road trip in California.