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I am an experienced editor, travel writer, and content marketer skilled in social media, managing a team of writers, creating community/marketing initiatives, and developing business partnerships.

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Viator Insider's Guide to Rome

Managed production (editorial, photo, and design) for Insider's Guide.

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The Insider's Guide to Berlin - Things to Do Network

It may have been more than 100 years since Mark Twain said, “Berlin is the newest city I have come across,” but the statement applies just as much today. Though the past is always there, quietly mourned and remembered, Berlin’s present is all about the future, what’s coming, what’s next. And as the city celebrates its 775th jubilee this year, now is the perfect time to go, to catch a snapshot of modern Berlin as it changes before your eyes. Here’s our insider’s guide to Berlin.

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A Food Lover's Tour of Chicago | Viator Travel Blog

If there’s one thing Midwesterners like to do (aside from complain about the weather – be it too hot or too cold) it’s eat, and Chicagoans are no exception. While the heartland of the United States is known for more simple, “meat-and-potatoes” cooking, bigger cities like Chicago stand out as dining meccas, shining beacons that represent just how amazing, delicious and creative food can be.

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Baiersbronn in the Black Forest - Things to Do Network

ucked away in Germany's Black Forest, the village of Baiersbronn is home to some of Germany's best chefs. Though it's long been known (especially among Germans and Swiss visitors) as a great place to hike, spa, and relax, it's lately become known as one of Germany's best culinary destinations. There are only 15,000 people living in Baiersbronn, but there more Michelin three-starred restaurants here than anywhere else in Germany.

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9 Experiences Not to Miss in Switzerland | Viator Travel Blog

When you’re confronted with the grandeur of Switzerland—when you find yourself looking down on Europe’s biggest glacier from the top of a snow-covered mountain, gazing across a crystal clear lake, or hiking through a meadow covered in wildflowers—it’s easy to forget that Switzerland is actually a pretty small country. Yet at only 15,942 square miles, (it takes just three hours by train to cover the 216 miles from east to west) it offers some of Europe’s biggest adventures in food, culture, art, and the great outdoors.

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Relaxing at Lake Titisee in the Black Forest - Things to Do Network

Lake Titisee in the southern Black Forest of Germany is both a lake and a town. Formed 10,000 years ago,carved from glaciers in the last ice, the lake spans 2km long and 1km wide and, along with the town, is a popular vacation spot for Germans who come to swim, sail, windsurf, bike and camp.

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The Insider's Guide to Visiting Chicago | Viator Travel Blog

Chicago, the largest city in the Midwestern US, sits on the shores of Lake Michigan in the northeast corner of Illinois. Nicknamed the Windy City, it’s the birthplace of the modern skyscraper, the home of not one, but two Major League Baseball teams (the Cubs and the White Sox), and a city with signature styles of pizza, hot dogs, and blues music that bear its name.

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The 2012 Travel Blog Exchange Conference Hits a New High in the ...

For the fourth year in a row, this June saw hundreds of travel bloggers come together to connect with one another, to network with sponsors and PR, to eat and drink, and to learn from some of the most successful people in the business at the annual Travel Blog Exchange. This year’s event – held in Keystone, Colorado, and run for the first time by BlogWorld, was not only the biggest conference (with nearly 800 attendees), it was also far and away the best event in TBEX’s short history.